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Brands have a chance to lead

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When a crisis hits, needs change. Behavior is altered and that includes our consumer behavior. How do we market with compassion and sensitivity in such a critical, life-threatening situation?

We may be surviving more than thriving right now, but as we find solutions to the current health crisis and deal with the economic implications and financial stress, brands have a chance to lead.

Don’t create fear in an already fearful environment

Tone plays a huge role in marketing, but more so now than before. Be sensitive to the current climate and dial down your sense of urgency.

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We are being reminded that health is our greatest wealth. Bring a level of zen where you can. Especially if your product exists to support our good health, from whole foods to supplements, to homeopathy, to meditation programs, weight-loss strategies, organic clothing, non-toxic cleaners and so on.

Be helpful. Market only what’s necessary.

Use the universal toilet paper rule and apply a “take only what you need” approach to marketing. And if you have a service that’s helpful right now, let people know.

Supplying information, educating and making resources that support all of us in this time of need is helpful and shows leadership. Those of us who can are working at home. For example, seeing a Comcast ad about their speed and reliability makes sense and is useful.

If your products and services are useful in a time of crisis, then educate audiences about their utility without increasing their worry.

Add joy where possible

And if you can share some joy, then by all means, please do that! Just a little shout out to our client Diana’s Bananas and their current campaign that sells a “better for you” treat that encourages us to “grab a whole bunch of yum” on your next grocery run.

Dianas Bananas Banners

A little fun and healthy treat might just bring some joy to your toddler or your teen, or yourself, as we all shelter in place.