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Envisionit Launches Crue, a Dedicated Fintech Marketing Division

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Navigating fintech? It’s complicated. To grow fast, partner with a team who’s been marketing financial technology brands for more than 10 years.

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It’s official. Building on our 20+ years as a digital marketing agency, with over a decade of that time serving fintech clients, we launched a new division called Crue. Team Crue delivers strategic media, content and creative solutions for fintech organizations exclusively. We help fast-moving brands turn complex challenges into transacting customers.

Why Fintech? Why Crue?

Founded in 2001, Envisionit created Crue out of a passion for technology, marketing, and specialization. Not to toot our own horn, but in this time, we’ve contributed to the explosive growth — and in some cases the acquiring and/or IPO’ing — of noteworthy fintech businesses such as Circle, SeedInvest, WorldPay, Braintree, Hyperwallet and many more.


“Crue essentially means growth partner — stemming from the term accrue, and that a crew is a team working closely together. This is exactly who we are to our clients — a true partner in growth,” said Todd Brook, CEO & Founder of Crue’s parent company Envisionit.


“We’ve seen firsthand the challenges associated with the complex sale that financial technology businesses are up against,” said Brook. “It takes a specific set of skills to market these products effectively and efficiently. So we felt that by creating our own processes and formulas, and bringing them into one group of people provided shared knowledge, shared processes and our own intellectual property. This allows us to deliver unparalleled results to our clients. Whether you’re in payments, alt lending, crypto or a VC/PE, Crue’s performance marketing approach is a customized vehicle to grow your business.”


Crue’s Chief Solutions Officer Jason Goldberg adds, “Fintech is a unique breed that’s moving at an insane speed. So we wanted to put a team in place that really allowed us to adjust to those moments, pay attention to what was happening real time and adapt. Creating an efficient investment like this takes a very deep understanding of the space that fintechs live in, and we’re proud of how far we’ve come with our ongoing efforts in this category.”


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Meet Route – Crue’s proprietary approach

To be successful at fintech marketing, you can’t simply check in with the industry news and program results every few days. You have to be fully vested in actively managing it, and that’s exactly what Crue was designed around – the essential human element to optimizing these types of programs.


That’s why we went a step further to customize our internal approach to performance marketing specifically for fintech brands. This four-pronged method called Route turns the complex challenges that keep fintech marketers up at night into not just customers, but transacting customers.


“Route is our client-centered approach to maximizing your marketing investment and mitigating waste,” says VP of Demand Gen with Envisionit and Crue Megan Porter. “With Route, we partner with you to pinpoint the destination, plot the course, and predict & adapt to changing conditions – all with your dedicated unique ability team.”


Specifically, Crue delivers quality leads that convert by:

  • Pinpointing the Destination: Align on the outcome and collectively determine what success looks like.
  • Plotting the Course: Eliminate waste by prioritizing targets and objectives, incorporating our proprietary mindset scoring methodology that goes beyond psychographics.
  • Predicting & Adapting to Changing Conditions: Use predictive modeling to continuously monitor and adjust to inevitable fluctuations – both in-house and in-industry.
  • Partnering with Unique Ability Team: Set sail with your dedicated crew of specialists who are not only experts in their craft, but are also deeply connected to your business and what you’re on the line for.


“What makes us unique from other performance marketing agencies and other fintech marketing companies is that we’re able to fully demonstrate our understanding of the needs of the space,” says Director of Marketing for both Envisionit and Crue Katie Hardy. “We know what fintech CMOs are navigating. It goes way beyond simply needing quality leads or accurate attribution. We’re working with businesses looking to boost their valuation, or go public, or get acquired, or acquire someone else. And this is all at the velocity that fintech moves. It’s a very different conversation than, say, doing it through the lens of standard business operation.”


“Our entire mindset of how we bring together media, creative and technology is really all driven around one end outcome — growing that business,” Brook wraps up. “We know that in order to grow them, we’ve got to bring them viable, high quality opportunities, because not all profit is created equal. So by understanding those highest value clients, we’re able to target the most valuable business for that company. And that’s exactly what the unique ability team at Crue is experienced to do.”


Crue Fintech Marketing Resources

Along with the specialized sub-brand, the Crue team has also launched a website (, social accounts (@yourcrue) and podcast called the Fintech Marketing Strategy Hour. Check them out to collect the fintech marketing insights you’re seeking today!


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About Crue

Crue: Fintech Marketing by Envisionit, is a performance marketing agency for financial technology companies. Crue’s dedicated unique abilities team helps fintech brands turn complex challenges into transacting customers. With over a decade of success driving growth for fintech businesses, Crue understands the speed of the industry, and the complexities its marketers face. We speak the language so you don’t waste time. Connect with Crue at


About Envisionit

Founded in 2001, ​​Envisionit is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Chicago with in-house media, creative, tech, strategy and analytics teams. We have fueled growth in a range of industries but our core focus is in Fintech, CPG and Travel/Tourism. In our work, we value curiosity, impact, action and support. In our culture, we champion transparency, belonging, giving back and having fun. Connect with us at



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