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Anna DeJonge Joins Envisionit as Project Coordinator

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Envisionit’s diligent Project Team advances with the addition of writer Anna DeJonge

We’re thrilled to have welcomed Anna DeJonge as Project Coordinator! Serving as the critical backbone to our Client Service team, Anna gets to flex her strengths in organization and follow-through to make sure that all projects are buttoned up, on track and poised for delivery.

The three core pillars of Anna’s role include project documentation, delivery support and meeting setup – all of which are extremely important to keep the Envisionit ship running smoothly across all waters with the utmost efficiency. 

Anna has the innate ability to move swiftly from project-to-project. She has proven to be very adaptable at creating documentation, organizing project resources, following up with teammates, updating project plans and preparing for client meetings. No day is the same, and she thrives on the feeling of knowing her role offers relief and support so we can deliver the best performing marketing programs possible.     

“When looking for my first post-grad job, I was really looking for a company that was willing to mentor me and prioritize personal relationships in the professional world,” said Anna. “As early as my first interview, I knew ENV and the people within it were going to be a company and group that I could grow in and with. I really enjoy that the people I work with genuinely want to know how I’m doing in and outside of work. It makes the hours of 9 to 5 more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by people you would call good friends and colleagues.”

Writing her way from sunny Florida to the Windy City

Anna graduated from Florida State University’s Honors College with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a B.S. in Media Communication Studies – aligning with her two passions of writing and people. We love how she has broad experience in both creative and professional writing styles and grammar. Anna is known for being flexible, dependable, extremely funny and a natural problem solver. All desirable traits for joining Team ENV!

While in college, Anna obtained a wide variety of internships, fulfilling her desire to always be learning, and participated in undergraduate research with The Grove Museum in Tallahassee. She was even invited to present her findings at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference in 2019. 

Anna also held the position of Documentary Chair for the Honors Scholars Association while in undergrad, where she wrote and published the Honors monthly newsletter. She also contributed to Strike Magazine, a student-run fashion, beauty and lifestyle publication. In 2020, she served in student government, advocating for her fellow classmates on the Judiciary Committee. Anna graduated as a Garnet and Gold Scholar with over two-hundred volunteer hours.

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5 Fun Facts about Anna

At Envisionit, we love getting to know our people beyond their incredible work. Here are Five Fun Facts about Anna:

  1. Three things I can’t live without are… My naughty dog, true crime podcasts, and pie
  2. The fictional character most like me is… A chaotic mix of every character from The Office
  3. What are your three favorite movies? What About Bob, Dead Poet Society, Pride and Prejudice
  4. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? I hate to admit that it’s a Taco Bell chicken quesadilla
  5. Fill in the blank: I’m really good at… Baking (and eating) pies

Welcome to the team, Anna!

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