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Serving Clients with a Cause

The specter of cancer is very real in our society, but to a small percentage of the population who carry a mutation on the BRCA1 gene, the risk is particularly worse. This mutation increases the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer by 87% and ovarian cancer by 54%. The good news is that medical science […]

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Building a digital home for a bank committed to community building

Financial services are essential for anyone who wants to prosper in the United States. Sadly, many minority and lower-income areas don’t have adequate access to the basic financial services that are essential to building wealth, obtaining loans, and purchasing big-ticket items like a car or a home. A recent study by found that Cook County […]

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Project Spotlight: NTN Bearing Corporation

NTN Bearing Corporation originally enlisted EIM to build their website in the Spring of 2010.  We were re-engaged in the Summer of 2012 when asked to translate their website in Spanish to provide one unified web destination for their South and North American locations.  We launched the new site at the end of January, 2013. […]

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