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Does Text-Message Short Hand Have A Place In Business?

My friend recently showed me a tweet by a congressman who used “u” and “lol” in one of his posts on Twitter. My first thought was, does this thread really warrant the Congressman “laughing out loud”? But then I thought that using the aforementioned short hand made him look immature and stupid. So I pose […]

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5 Ways to Build Your Brand Through LinkedIn

The whole point of using social media as a professional business tool is to better help you grow and spread your professional brand. While this can and should be done with a variety of social networking platforms, LinkedIn has become the most effective and far-reaching professional application.

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the envy of the office

This week one of our very own, Michael K., received a coveted invite to try out the new Google Wave. Now, Michael was not expecting the techie angels to be looking down on him and bestowing such a gift. But ever since, his step has had more spring and he’s been idolized by our interactive […]

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