Crue and Destination ENV are now Envisionit

As an agency, we believe user experience involves more than just the employees dedicated to it. Whether they know it or not, everyone who touches a project—from copywriters to developers to clients—directly shapes the user journey. Instead of piecing together their contributions in a project’s final stages, our goal is to harness that collective insight from the get-go.

In his new role, Justin Muggleton will be responsible for leading all of these contributors down the same path to success. He will give equal parts consideration to both the goals of the business and the needs of the users and identify where the two intersect to create a clear vision of a project’s endpoint. During the execution process, Justin will factor these considerations into every aspect of a project’s development, including analytical insights, technical requirements, content needs and brand messaging—all while retaining clarity and removing complexity along the way.

By keeping projects on course, Justin’s leadership will mean not only delivering a great product, but also a great client experience that satisfies both the business and the user. Justin will ensure that every member of the team shares in the responsibility of user experience and understands how to apply their strengths towards that end so that projects go as smoothly as possible, every step of the way.

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