Analytics & Business Intelligence The full picture with analytics & business intelligence

Drive your digital investment with actionable insights

In an omni-channel, ever-changing digital environment, customer behavior is more complex than ever. Regardless of industry or audience, the real challenge remains the same for brands: translating the right types of data into actionable insights that impact bottom-line revenue.

How analytics can elevate your brand
  1. Inform audience profiles to guide digital marketing efforts
  2. Employ advanced targeting and maximize reach
  3. Develop customized creative strategies
  4. Improve user experience across all digital touchpoints
  5. Create maximum return on investment
  6. Reduce customer churn

First analyze, then optimize

Our Analytics & Business Intelligence services were developed for brands who want to move beyond the standard “news reports” to understand full-funnel performance. At the start of any engagement, we work closely with our clients to develop measurement frameworks that will allow us to isolate top-driving activities, barriers to performance, and untapped opportunity. From in-depth customer analysis to platform integration and growth forecasting—our emphasis is on the parts and the whole of data measurement. Our goal is to help clients paint a clear and accurate picture of performance to drive their digital investment.

Service: Analytics & business intelligence
How we do it
  • Customer/CRM insights
  • Customer behavior/UX analysis
  • Data infrastructure auditing
  • Platform strategy and consulting
  • Business intelligence
  • Attribution modeling
  • Growth forecasting
  • Customer churn analysis and cycle optimization