Timing and targeting make the connection

The right people, at the right time, with the right message is always the winning combination.

Our programmatic buying solution is audience-centric, harnessing the power of data with technology, to provide reach, scale, and maximum spend efficiency for our clients. Rather than solely focusing on what’s available across individual publishers, this real-time bidding model elevates and enhances media campaigns to deliver tailored messages via banners, native, video, audio, and addressable TV.

How programmatic can elevate your brand
  1. Incredibly precise targeting capabilities
  2. Reach your ideal audience at maximum cost efficiency
  3. Expand your audience while targeting those who behave like your current customers
  4. Dynamic ad creative drives more engagement and conversion
  5. Real-time visibility into performance allows for constant optimization

We’re committed to finding the right mix

Whether launched as a single, inbound marketing approach or as part of a larger, multi-channel media campaign, our approach to programmatic media buying delivers makes the most of your ad spend and gets results, time and time again.

Our media commitment
  1. Complete understanding and alignment on your campaign and business goals
  2. Full transparency into our platforms and the partners we use
  3. Hands-on campaign management from start to finish
  4. Daily visibility into the campaign metrics that matter most to you
  5. Unbiased assessment of campaign performance and budget allocation between media channels
Service: Programatic
How it works
  • 1st and 3rd party data collection and analysis
  • Competitive targeting, spend and messaging insights
  • Advanced targeting strategies
  • Goal setting and end-to-end tracking
  • Mobile/cross-device presence
  • Structured A/B testing of ad creative and landing pages
  • Hands-on management and optimization
  • Real-time reporting and customized client dashboards