Crue and Destination ENV are now Envisionit

Social media programs that build communities

From paid and organic social to influencer marketing

Who are your customers and how do they spend time in their social worlds?

We believe that knowing how, when and where to reach and engage your audience is the backbone of a strong social strategy. And when you consider the multiple digital touchpoints weighing into consideration and ultimately conversion, a strong social strategy and management process pays in dividends to our clients across both B2C and B2B.

Engage and create brand advocates

Every brand’s customers are different. We carefully consider the role of paid, owned, and earned media play in driving awareness and engagement and work with our clients to create customized social programs. We create a unified brand story and tap into the unique capabilities of all platforms to drive brand engagement, awareness, and action.

With capabilities across strategy, editorial planning, content development, and full-scale paid social campaigns, Envisionit can help you create the types of relationships with prospects and customers that go well beyond a single transaction and build toward advocacy.

How social media marketing can elevate your brand

  • Establish credibility and thought leadership
  • Increase brand visibility and traffic
  • Improve brand recall, recommendations and increase purchase intent
  • Build a community and promote brand advocacy
  • Drive prospects along the customer journey
  • Showcase your customer service
  • Uncover insights about your target audience and competitors

How we do it

  • Audience analysis and insights
  • Paid social advertising
  • Social strategy development
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Editorial frameworks and ongoing calendars
  • Social creative development and immersive experiences
  • Community management guidelines
  • Crisis management planning and consulting
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Social listening and real-time analytics


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