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Dana Rebecca Designs
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Streamlined business operations & smoother shopping

Chicago jewelry designer Dana Gordon’s timeless pieces have increasingly gained distinction among celebrities and powerful, strong women from all walks of life. With brand visibility steadily growing, Dana Rebecca Designs’ legacy inventory systems were becoming a hindrance. As we’d previously provided them with a messaging platform and brand strategy that were true extensions of Dana herself, she turned to Envisionit to help her growing brand migrate to a centralized inventory and ecommerce system that has already drastically improved their operational efficiency and growth.

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The approach

Juggling platform integration and customer experience

Dana Rebecca Designs needed a business management solution that could act as the central hub for inventory and the POS system for its boutiques. And it needed to make back-of-house operations more efficient — while communicating in real-time with their ecommerce platform. With extensive technology changes, UX updates, and a switch from HTTP to HTTPS you’re at risk for disrupting SEO performance and user behavior flows. But Dana Rebecca needed an enterprise platform to keep up with the high volume of sales and traffic of the website, and a way to tie it all together. Our recommendation? A winning combination of UX and SEO updates and migration to Netsuite, Magento Enterprise 2.1, and Netsuite Connector.

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A seamless migration

After we migrated all necessary data, product info, and assets, we then streamlined the order fulfillment and inventory workflow.

Pulling together all the moving parts

Next came a new hosting solution and a new payment gateway. This happened with the expert coordination of multiple platform partners — no easy task.

Clearer architecture, navigation, & taxonomy

On the storefront side, we examined analytics and heatmaps to lend insights toward rebuilding the website architecture and taxonomy setup. SEO guidance and redirect strategies were updated, as were content and product setup guidelines.


“We had the right experience with platform migration, and the attention to detail required for such a drastic undertaking. And even when the hiccups inevitably appeared, we were able to manage them gracefully. And as a result, Dana Rebecca Designs streamlined their business, and users navigated the site much easier. ”

Nicole Brown Nicole BrownAccount Director, Envisionit

The work

More efficient business operations and store setup

We revamped two drastically different fronts: operations management and the online storefront experience. All efforts, both front and backend, were driven by SEO, analytics, and UX recommendations. Business management, inventory, POS, and ecommerce systems sync in real time, and the platform effectively supports future sales, marketing, and promotional activities. The storefront experience is intuitive, clean, and represented Dana Rebecca Designs’ well-loved brand.

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A polished experience

Usability significantly improved, driving deeper engagement and offering a better search experience.

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The perfect cut

The new site was designed with ease in mind. It’s now much easier for Dana Rebecca Designs to maintain content and products.

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A symmetrical platform

Dana Rebecca Designs needed total integration. And business operations, workflows, and point of sale technology finally work together seamlessly.

The results

Poised for scalability

Dana Rebecca Designs’ new ecommerce site not only more accurately speaks to the evolved brand, but it has also improved overall operations. With centralized ecommerce and business management systems, the new website reduces the need for manual processes, and Dana Rebecca Designs no longer needs to rely on developers to make updates to the website or sync separate legacy systems. Plus, it reflects her well-loved brand and speaks directly to the mindset of every “DRD girl.”