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Our leaders

Strategic. Creative. Bold. These are the things you expect from marketing leadership. Our executive team brings all of that, and a whole lot more — decades of experience, an obsession with innovation, and a relentless passion for creating genuine impact for our clients. Not to mention just being all-around cool people.

Todd Brook
Todd Brook

Chief Executive Officer

Since the agency’s inception in 2002, Todd has maintained absolute focus on our vision: creating tremendous growth opportunities for our clients. It’s what sets the tone for our culture: envisioning a client’s entire business, not just what’s in front of us.

While his influence can be seen in nearly all of our client engagements, Todd has been an integral leader for clients such as Fairmont Hotel, Toyota, Braintree (PayPal), and American Egg Board. Todd acts as an advisor and entrepreneur engaging in various endeavors as he builds opportunities for the agency and its partners.

Jason Goldberg
Jason Goldberg

Chief Relationship Officer

A founding owner at Envisionit since the beginning, Jason has been integral in defining the direction of the agency and driving our growth. From consulting with city and DMO leadership to fueling growth for global brands, Jason’s diverse skill-set allows him to keep his eye on the journey and the destination at the same time.

Today, Jason oversees our tourism practice and brings a unique perspective on performance marketing as he seeks innovative solutions for our clients’ largest challenges. He has played a central role in guiding our team’s support for Choose Chicago, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Chicagoland Speedway, and more.

Tiffany Kirby
Tiffany (Curry) Kirby

Chief Growth Officer

The steward of our client experience, Tiffany brings 20 years of experience in leadership across a range of areas to the agency; including digital marketing strategy, tech, sales and client excellence.

Prior to Envisionit, Tiffany has led enterprise growth and integrated marketing initiatives across a number of categories from tourism to CPG, automotive and financial services. Some of those include Kellogg’s, Nestle, Ben & Jerry’s, Carmax, Hanes, Champion, Marriott, CME Group, CNA Insurance, Jesse White Foundation and the New Orleans Tourism business.

Sarah Caputo
Sarah Caputo

Chief Solutions Officer

Sarah Caputo is an industry veteran with more than 18 years of experience across industries such as SaaS, data & analytics, insurance & financial services, CPG, durable goods, hospitality, and telecommunications.

Prior to Envisionit, she was Head of Marketing at Planck, a cognitive data & analytics platform, overseeing end-to-end marketing strategy and execution. She spent eight years at Allstate Corporation in a breadth of marketing roles spanning brand, product, distribution, media, and analytics.

Chris Van Meter
Chris Van Meter

Director of Technology

With an inquisitive nature, passion for technology, and solution-oriented approach, Chris has been making an impact since day one at Envisionit. If you’re looking for a human Swiss Army Knife, then Chris is it.

Continually seeking new opportunities to improve beyond existing systems, Chris’s efforts can be felt across the organization. Technology, performance services, and insights all fall under his purview as he looks for the next innovation to drive our programs, websites, and our clients forward.

Amber Davis
Amber Davis

VP, Creative Director

Amber brings a magnetic energy to crafting experiences for brands. A storyteller at her core, with a high fact finding passion as her motor, Amber seeks every insight to understand and connect creative to audience mindsets. This motivation is particularly impactful when it comes to influencing the shifting mindset of travel audiences. Having nearly two decades of experience across hospitality, luxury, CPG, and tourism, combined with a passion for a good Bloody Mary, Amber just gets it.

Megan Porter
Megan Porter

VP, Integrated Strategy

Megan has nearly two decades of experience developing integrated GTM strategies that drive exponential growth for her clients. She marries her knack for distilling data, her paid media expertise, and operational savvy to provide teams with the framework they need to bring their best work to life.

Having worked both client and agency-side, Megan simplifies complex marketing challenges to move businesses forward. Over the years, Megan has driven strategic frameworks across creative, media, and technology for a wide range of clients, with a specialized focus on the financial technology sector. Her client roster includes the likes of Braintree, Worldpay, Pangea, 2Checkout, Circle, and NMI.

Emily Selgrat
Emily Selgrat

VP, Integrated Strategy

Regardless of the target (B2B, B2C, B2B2C), Emily has built a strategic marketing plan to acquire it. With over 15 years of integrated marketing experience, Emily is passionate about driving organizational growth across industries spanning tourism, retail and tech.

Prior to Envisionit, Emily held leadership positions across brand, digital / growth marketing, customer communications and marketing operations for companies such as The Allstate Corporation, Garrett Popcorn Shops, Arity and Packed with Purpose.

What we care about

While we all have our areas of expertise and unique skills, it’s our shared values that bring us together and move us forward. We call these values our SPICE.


We have each other’s back and follow through on commitments. This is how we accomplish great things together.


We don’t wait to react. We overcome issues before they arise and uncover opportunities in time to truly capitalize.


Everyone has the ability to make a meaningful mark here, and our work is all the better because of it.


Industries change, tools change, goals change. You can’t operate with clarity if you’re not asking questions often.


Every day is a new opportunity to make our agency better, our work stronger, and our clients even happier.

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We’re a diverse, passionate team of marketers, storytellers, and technologists. And we’re always looking to welcome new faces and fresh perspectives.

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