The Ask

NMI, a leading payment solutions provider, offers innovative and secure payment gateway services tailored to businesses of all sizes. They help independent sales organizations and software vendors optimize their merchants’ payment processes, enhance their customer experiences, and create new revenue streams for their business. 

To realize their ambition to nearly quadruple annual recurring revenue (ARR) over the next three years, NMI sought to expand their focus from independent sales organizations (ISOs) to include independent software vendors (ISVs). 

NMI needed a campaign concept that was informed by the motivations, pain points, and unmet needs of ISVs. And to truly stand out from the competition and make a splash in the fintech sea of sameness we needed to make the NMI brand sticky and memorable in the payments space, while differentiating them as the flexible option that provides more opportunities to software vendors for monetizing their payments.


The Answer

We worked with NMI to level up their approach to measurement and attribution, establishing performance benchmarks and KPIs for an enhanced view of marketing and sales performance. We developed a comprehensive understanding of which media channels, placements, and messaging effectively engage specific audience segments from demand generation to conversion and beyond.

Leveraging hyper-segmented audience data, strategic creative, and the right channel mix, Envisionit drove exponential growth that led to an expanded partnership with NMI across new audiences, incorporating brand, media, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and advanced analytics.


The Impact

NMI now has a unified line of sight across marketing and sales initiatives that enables them to optimize against validated leads and build strategies that are more likely to generate significant revenue.

increase in organic sessions
increase in MQLs
closed/won opportunities
decrease in CPL

Making a solid start

“In a world of stripes and squares, be solid.”

The “Be Solid” campaign boldly challenges competitors like Stripe and Square by calling out their shortcomings in contrast to NMI’s more beneficial and inclusive offerings — like monetization, solid integrations, scalability, and the potential to white label. This juxtapositioning demonstrates how NMI is uniquely positioned to help ISOs and software vendors scale and thrive.

NMI – Be Solid Feature

Be Solid, in motion

Motion graphics are incorporated throughout the campaign media, using a dynamic visual approach to capture attention and spotlight our target audiences. Messaging is tailored to directly address the unique pain points and entry barriers expressed by the C-suite, VPs and founders within the industry.


Be Solid, and remain fluid

“Be Solid” allows for creative variations that resonate with NMI’s target audiences by cleverly adopting fresh language. It’s a perfectly extendable concept, as expressed in executions such as “Build Solid,” “Scale Solid,” and “Earn Solid,” to further elaborate NMI value propositions, features, and differentiators.

NMI ads
Screens_1752x581 (1)




Building on a solid foundation

Following the successful initial rollout, we are working with NMI to expand the “Be Solid” campaign to the larger brand, amplifying its impact with a more vibrant palette of eye-catching colors and placing a greater emphasis on lifestyle imagery.

This expansion showcases the creators, merchants, transactions, and end-user experiences empowered by NMI’s innovative payments technology and services.





Our solid grasp of SEO and SEM

SEO performance

Our SEO team performed a thorough audit to identify and address high-priority technical SEO opportunities, like site speed, indexing, and site crawlability. We updated the core website’s primary on-page SEO elements and on-page content to target keywords and improve the overall user experience across pages. We also improved UX with internal linking and a streamlined CTA strategy. And the team made it possible for NMI to track future progress by establishing analytics parameters and setting up a dashboard with primary KPIs.

  • 47.5% increase in organic impressions (YoY)
  • 51.1% increase in conversions from the organic channel (MoM)
  • 28.2% increase in overall organic keyword footprint (YoY)
  • 33.8% increase in first page rankings — positions 1-3 (YoY)

SEM performance

Our team established new ad groups based around keywords identified during competitive research and increased conversion rates through active bidding strategies that improve impression share. We optimized keyword lists, eliminating underperforming keywords and focusing on new keyword variations based on consumer interactions and supported by historical data. And we leveraged new broad match keywords for select ad groups to uncover ISV search habits and continuously refine our SEM strategy.

Our strategy also included clickthrough A/B testing for campaign landing pages. These tests placed our designed, concept-focused landing pages against NMI’s website to determine which approach best aligns with messaging and resonates with ISVs.

  • Overall conversions have increased by 900% (a 451 conversion difference) with MQLs having increased by 97 (a 1,300% increase)
  • CPA for main devices ( computers + mobile ) have decreased by nearly 30%
  • The campaigns overall conversion rate has increased 6% since A/B test conclusion and overall CPA has decreased 28%

“Within months the team launched integrated campaigns that have created benchmark performance that can be directly attributed to our aggressive sales targets. The Envisionit team, with their talent and performance, make them a true partner for the NMI team.”

Omar AlbertelliDirector of Revenue Growth, NMI

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