The Ask

Worldpay knew they could accelerate the delivery of an omni-channel payments environment through acquisition. Combining SecureNet’s innovative API with Worldpay’s existing infrastructure for direct acquirer distribution and partnership management, the course for a landmark exit had been set. However, as their service offering expanded capability, their story and customer acquisition approach needed to evolve with it.


The Answer

With two years of SecureNet experience under our belt, the organization turned to the agency to help craft their new narrative – one more reflective of the company’s trajectory, offering and benefits. Across UX, SEO, software and content strategy, we brought a new global website to life to capture the evolved story. With the new foundation in place, we were well positioned to completely overhaul global paid media and spike performance significantly.


The Impact

Launching a new global website and rearchitecting paid search brought efficiency and scale to performance programs clearing the way for a $2.7B acquisition by EQT.

Increase in CPA merchants
Increase in monthly approved merchants
Decrease in CPA

Setting a new course

While we walked into this relationship with a deep understanding of SecureNet’s value proposition, getting our hands wrapped around Worldpay’s global positioning and visualizing how they came together was a different story. A software play with equal focus on both developer integration needs and financial leadership business requirements, SecureNet represented an entirely new market approach when contrasted with the road Worldpay had ridden to date. Worldpay’s global website represented the perfect opportunity to not only unite these stories but also reimagine the entire customer journey.

We faced a number of challenges:

  • How to seamlessly integrate offerings?
  • How to rearchitect and deliver content to users?
  • How to prevent internal complexities from influencing experience?
  • How to improve lead gen?
  • How to support operation infrastructure?
  • How to ensure efficiency for future integrations and scale?

And maybe most importantly, how to move quickly with consensus across a vast array of stakeholders from two organizations coming together as one.


Uniting disparate business units, wrangling global content, evolving conversion paths and routing leads...

To provide a clear and simplified experience free from internal complexities, we reorganized and delivered content to users based on a persona-driven approach. We elevated calls-to-action to improve qualified lead generation and engagement, incorporated new content to align combined offerings and ensured a unified Worldpay brand voice and tone.‍

Marketing diverse POS and e-comm offerings to SMB and enterprise audiences required a personalized content structure with lead facilitation that ensured the right prospects were being delivered to the appropriate sales teams.


Envisionit was able to refresh and optimize both our website and paid search programs by creating a better user experience for both prospects and customers. They helped drive more efficient and effective ways to improve conversions at a lower cost.

Nicole FieldsDigital Marketing Director, Worldpay

Lead gen overhaul

Concurrently, Envisionit immediately took the reins of the paid search program, eliminating Kenshoo from the equation and implementing a more customized, hands-on approach to campaign development, monitoring and optimization. From this, we were able to:

  • Enable Worldpay’s sales team to beat their monthly approved merchants goal over the first five months, even as goals increased.
  • Reduce Worldpay’s media investment by 5% per month through cutting third-party bid management tools that impeded upon campaign performance
  • Double YoY new approved merchants/month over previous bid management tool with $40k less investment

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