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Clearing the way for a fintech leader


Worldpay’s total content rebuild

When Worldpay acquired SecureNet, they took possession of their innovative technology and API. Paired with their own direct acquirer distribution advantages, this packed a powerful punch. As Worldpay’s service offering expanded, their story needed to change along with it. They came to us to craft them a new narrative and web presence that simplified the myriad of complexities associated with their organization, industry, and capabilities.

Worldpay Mosaic

The approach

Simplification across the board

As an enterprise client with multiple business units, multi-layered processes and all the complexities of having recently acquired a number of business entities, a successful and impactful experience required complete buy-in and streamlining of both its UK- and US-based business operations.

Welcome to Worldpay

Uniting disparate business units

We facilitated key meetings, discussions, and content approval from CMOs, sales, technical and UX operations stakeholders from around the globe.

Digging deeper into paid search

We immediately took the reigns of Worldpay’s paid search program, eliminating third parties and implementing a more customized, hands-on approach to campaign development, monitoring and optimization.

A website built for merchants

To provide a clear and simplified experience free from Worldpay’s internal complexities, we reorganized and delivered content to users based on a persona-driven approach. We elevated calls-to-action to improve qualified lead generation and engagement, incorporated new content to align combined offerings, and ensured a unified Worldpay brand voice and tone.

Worldpay mosaic collection

“The biggest challenge of this rebuild was re-architecting an extremely broad range of products and services while connecting them to the needs of the merchant—businesses ranging from small to large, globally located to digital only—as well as ensuring that the leads generated from those largely varying business types were directed to the proper division within our clients global company.”

Justin Muggleton Justin MuggletonDirector of User Experience, Envisionit

The work

Wrangling content around the globe

We were able to bring together disparate business units from across the globe with one shared goal — projecting Worldpay’s expertise in payments and expressing their new capabilities to merchants, developers, and partners.

Example Website Page

Optimized and personalized

The new user interface we created from the ground up to address the specific needs of a set of targeted personas that we developed.

Old versus new page

An updated roadmap

The new site helped reroute leads to the appropriate business units quickly and efficiently.

Sample Worldpay Website Screen

Fresh content

We used the new personas to update and refresh all content. Our new story worked for a variety of users—from the large corporations to the mom and pop shops.

Collection of Worldpay Images

“Envisionit was able to refresh and optimize both our website and paid search programs by creating a better user experience for both prospects and customers. They helped drive more efficient and effective ways to improve conversions at a lower cost.”

Nicole FieldsDigital Marketing Director, Marketing, Worldpay

The results

Improved performance at every digital touchpoint

We seamlessly integrated the Securenet technology and API capabilities into the Worldpay offering, accurately (and compellingly) presenting Worldpay’s new story. We also improved performance of their $2MM+ paid search program, cutting out inefficient third-party bid management tools entirely. Their rebuilt site featured improved persona-based navigation and user journeys, and Worldpay’s internal sales team beat their monthly goals for Approved Merchants over five consecutive months—even with higher monthly sales goals.