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If you’ve had the craving for delicious chocolate-covered bananas (maybe even ones dipped in peanuts), that may be our fault. Having relied on shopper marketing for nearly 20 years, Diana’s Bananas was looking for new ways to connect with their customers, find some new ones, and of course, increase sales. So they started investing in digital, and with our previous work in CPG, they knew we could help.

Luckily, they have a really unique brand story—bananas picked fresh, frozen immediately, and dipped in the best chocolate—and we saw an opportunity to simplify and use that story to appeal to their current audiences and people who had never even thought of frozen chocolate-covered bananas.

From fresh to frozen

Dianas Bananas Ad

We put together a quick go-to-market campaign with targeting information that came from a mix of client insight and market research. This initial campaign saw impressive results, but wanted to pivot just a little to adjust for some upcoming changes planned for the brand.

We knew a lot about our target (she buys these treats for her kids, but she likes to indulge, too). And we saw a few opportunities to reach some new audiences. Our team has handled more than a few CPG brands before, so we were up for the challenge. With some fast and furious brainstorming, we came up with the motion-forward “Dipped in Delicious” campaign.

A whole bunch more

The next step was to expand our campaign a bit. So we did a quick photoshoot to give our ads a look and feel reminiscent of the influencers’ work that our targets love. We added some motion to make the posts stand out in feed and used bright colors that played up the familiar brand attributes in each products’ packaging.

Our ads worked to achieve a few different goals.

Brand Awareness — Our campaign established a strong look and feel, with a nod towards the future of the brand.

Nothing But the Good Stuff Diana's Bananas Ad

Product Awareness — We created assets for each product, all 3 types of Banana Babies, and the 2 Banana Bites. Each piece was created to stand out with strong colors, but call back to the base brand through color, typography, and layout.

The Bananas Are Nuts Diana's Bananas Ad

Product Attributes — Armed with the new insight from our client about the attributes of each product, we shifted our original strategy a bit. We created clear color differentiators for each product, with unique copy, but we kept them in the same world with layout and font. So in the end, we had a ton of bright colors and snappy lines that all felt like they were from the same brand.

The Bites are Bananas Diana's Bananas Ad

Very cool results

Diana’s saw some impressive retail lift because of our campaign. A 6% sales lift in volume in the first month alone—with a total of 11% lift for the rest of the campaign. And the ads blew past our own expectations. Our click-through rate was 200% over forecast. Our work impressed the client so much that they looked for more opportunities for us to help them.

Big stuff coming

This campaign was super fun (and super delicious) to work on. But the client has an eye toward the future. They’ve tasked us with updating the brand to be more competitive in the market—so keep an eye on the frozen novelty section for that. We’re excited to see where we can take the brand next.

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