There are few categories of cuisine that provide more joy and comfort than bar food. Whether it’s a group of college students hunting for the best wings in town, an after-hours crowd searching for onion rings to soak up their night on the town, or even just folks who want to try a dish that caters to their immediate hunger and senses, almost everybody loves bar food. However, as great as it may be, there have been few innovations to the cuisine over the years. Not since the fried pickle has a new product taken the industry by storm and offered consumers a plate full of something new. But if you’re Stone Gate Foods, how do you convince bar owners that the Tater Keg will beat what they’re already serving? Bar owners had to see them (and taste them) to believe it.

Tater Kegs huge flavor website graphic and message

Enter the Big Tater Era

Tater Kegs are large, jumbo stuffed deep fried taters packed with big flavors and this past spring, Stone Gate Foods asked Envisionit to develop a creative campaign that showed bar and restaurant owners the enormity of their new product.

One of the most unique elements of the Tater Keg is that it’s triple the size of a tiny tater tot. So we developed a series of size-centric ad units to illuminate how huge a Tater Keg actually is. And we immediately saw this as the dawn of a new age of pub grub—the Big Tater Era. To complement our campaign, we developed a highly targeted LinkedIn campaign to reach key decision makers in the restaurant business. This campaign would give them the chance to enter the #bigtaterera and request samples on our landing page.

Tater Kegs jumbo stuffed website graphic and message The ‘Big Tater Era’ summed up this new campaign for Tater Kegs perfectly; the first innovative product in bar food in 15 years. In addition to our campaign donning the name ‘Big Tater Era,’ our team incorporated descriptive language in each our ads to illustrate the size of the product. The maiden voyage of Tater Kegs first paid social media campaign drove an influx of professionals within the food and beverage industry to inquire about selling the product in their venue, and drove conversion rates for the campaign that were well above industry benchmarks for new products in the food and beverage vertical.

In addition to our big splash on LinkedIn, the Tater Kegs website needed a massive upgrade. You can see the newly designed Tater Kegs website—which features all of our creative—at

With this fast start and fresh innovation in the industry, it’s safe to say that the ‘Big Tater Era’ has only begun.

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