We all give gifts—for birthdays, for anniversaries, for big moments, and for holidays. Sometimes just because! And finding the perfect gift can often be a struggle. Around the holidays, there’s usually a massive marketing push to get the hottest toys and trinkets in front of everyone’s eyes. But more and more, people (that includes clients, customers, and employees) are looking for unique experiences these days—particularly during quarantine. And food can do that, on a very personal level.

So if you’re selling gifts—food in this case, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you earn revenue outside of the holidays?

Easy on the seasoning

It’s not just consumers giving gifts, there’s a massive market for corporate gift giving, too. In the US, the corporate gifting market hovers around $125 billion—and that’s not just during the holidays. According to ASI’s Corporate Gift Giving Study, only about 62% of corporate gifting happens during the holiday season. Businesses want to be remembered, they want to impress clients, and send them thanks for their business. And the holidays are an excellent time to do that. But there’s a risk that you simply end up as another box in the pile, particularly if your gift doesn’t stand out in the crowd. Off-season giving offers the most impact on the recipients. In the same ASI study, almost 70% of recipients said that non-holiday gifts meant the most to them. So how does that translate into marketing?

Crafting the occasion

Here at Envisionit, we think an always-on approach is the best way to get your gift noticed by the folks who give gifts year-round. Food gifts in particular work well in the off-season, which is already full of massive meals and sweet treats and, not to mention, a barrage of competing options. Plus, nearly 40% of the market is giving gifts outside of the hallowed November-December timeline. The key is to make separate campaigns that are seasonal. In other words, create an occasion for your CPG gift.

Do you sell region-specific pizza that can be sent via mail? Create an experience much like our client Home Run Inn does. Tell people how to grill your pizzas in the summer.

Want to be remembered because of the massive cookies you sent? How about some of Carol’s Cookies? These ads we ran in their off season gave a boost in awareness and sales outside of the holidays.

Carols Cookies Ad Facebook Chocolate Chip Cookies
Carols Cookies Ad Facebook Chocolate Chip Cookies

Want to treat employees to a steak dinner during quarantine? Some classic Omaha Steaks might be in order.

Omaha Steaks Ad

You have a gift.

emoji balloons

Don’t forget that you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling thoughtfulness, graciousness, and that happy, warm feeling of a unique surprise. It’s important to remember that your gift does more than taste good, look good on a desk, tell the time, or whatever else it might be. There’s more to it than just the benefits of the product.

If you’re still stuck after all this, we can help you craft an occasion and get more people to give your gift.

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