Innovative AI integration set to transform operational efficiency and client outcomes.

Envisionit, renowned for two decades of marketing innovation and client growth, today introduces Unchained Group, LLC, the next-level artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy. This strategic venture allows midsize businesses to confidently leverage AI to amplify efficiency and improve work quality. Unchained liberates employees from repetitive tasks and reclaims valuable time for strategic thinking and problem solving.

AI is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of business innovation.

A recent Deloitte study found that 78% of CEOs recognize AI’s role in enhancing product and service quality. Envisionit’s founders established Unchained to accelerate the responsible adoption of AI technologies that benefit marketing teams by enhancing — not replacing — human capabilities. 

Unchained is a testament to Envisionit’s commitment to both innovation and client success. By integrating Unchained AI to support the data side of analytics, search engine optimization, market research, and other tasks, Envisionit’s teams have greater bandwidth for high-value strategic growth planning and initiatives that require human interpretation and creativity. This shift not only boosts the agency’s operational efficiencybut also augments the visionary and tactical solutions provided to clients.

For Envisionit’s clients, Unchained represents a distinct competitive advantage. Integrating AI assistance strengthens team capabilities and elevates individual proficiencies. The result is a heightened quality of work and an enhanced ability to engage with customers, ensuring that Envisionit clients can continually set the pace in a digitally evolving marketplace.

Todd Brook, Founder and CEO of Envisionit and a Managing Director of Unchained, shares his vision: “We’ve always strived to mitigate the inefficiencies and waste that plague marketing, agency relationships, team interactions, and frankly, operations in general. AI represents an unprecedented opportunity to rise above these challenges. And through Unchained’s focus on training, support, governance, and impactful prompt engineering, we’re helping our clients overcome barriers to capitalizing on AI advantages. It’s not just about doing things faster; it’s about freeing our clients to think bigger and make a more significant impact.”

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