Optimizing the full client experience with a new executive role

Without a doubt, our relationships with our clients are the highest priority at Envisionit. From the very first interaction, to day-to-day communication, we want to make sure our client partners feel understood, supported and excited about our work together. And so, to even more deeply connect with our clients’ unique businesses, strategic visions and overall customer experiences, we’re honored to bring on Tiffany Curry as Chief Partnerships Officer. View the press release of her announcement here.

Tiffany comes with 20 years experience in leadership across a range of areas that are very relevant to Envisionit’s business; including integrated marketing, tech, sales and client leadership. Most recently, Tiffany served as President of GoCollect, a B2B and B2C SaaS offering for collector investors. As President, Tiffany led marketing, operations, customer service, HR, strategic partnerships, product development and ultimately, the organization’s M&A efforts. 

Prior to GoCollect, Tiffany was accountable for expanding enterprise sales at Quad by integrating solutions for new and existing clients across Quad, Periscope and Rise Interactive. Among other sales and marketing leadership roles before Quad, Tiffany was one of the first hires at 360i Chicago, where she spent nearly nine years making a significant impact on the business, rising up in the ranks from Account Supervisor to Senior Vice President/Group Director.


“I’m delighted to join the client leadership and business development teams at Envisionit,” said Tiffany. “I’m drawn to organizations where an entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ – because it means the people are curious, and red tape that slows down progress isn’t a thing. The energy this team has for continuing to write the playbook for categories like destination and fintech, is not only contagious but also aligns well with my background.”


Value alignment is key

Equally as important as her resume is Tiffany’s exemplification of the same values we hold sacred at Envisionit – curiosity, go, support, impact and community. In her short time with Envisionit so far, Tiffany has connected with each member of our leadership team to learn more about the value and impact they bring to the company, and has taken action to start helping them optimize certain projects and processes.


“While getting to know Tiffany through the interview process, I was impressed with not only her hard skills, but also her soft skills,” said CEO and Founder of Envisionit Todd Brook. “Yes, we were looking for an executive with significant operational leadership experience, and Tiffany 100% fulfills that need. But she is also an incredible problem solver, action taker, team player, and people connector.”


“The most rewarding part of my life is getting to use over two decades of professional and  personal post-college life experience to inspire and positively impact exponentially more people/brands/friends/kids in a single day,” Tiffany adds. “And the most exciting part is continuing to learn and grow so that the virtuous cycle can continue.”

5 Fun Facts

At Envisionit, we love getting to know our people beyond their incredible work. Here are Five Fun Facts about Tiffany:

  1. Three things I can’t live without are… Family, Purpose, and Wine
  2. The fictional character most like me is… Poppy (from Trolls)
  3. What are your three favorite movies? Sound of Music, The Greatest Showman, The Little Mermaid
  4. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? California rolls, hold the masago
  5. Fill in the blank: I’m really good at… Listening to problems and giving advice to solve

Welcome to the team, Tiffany!

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