Envisionit’s talented Technology Team advances with the addition of Gerad Troje

We are so excited to have Gerad Troje on our Technology Team as Senior Web Developer. Gerad has been building software for companies of all sizes for more than 20 years and has a lifetime of experience in coding. He is very passionate about data – how it gets created, how others access it, and how it flows through a system. 

As Senior Web Developer, Gerad is accountable for code architecture and organization. He adheres to standardized design patterns and ensures proper security measures are taken into account. He is also responsible for database design, meaning he structures the database in a fashion that allows for proper scale & performance. Gerad confirms relationships are appropriately built for the objectives of the system, and that proper security measures are taken into account.

We also rely on Gerad to execute API and code development. Security procedures are an extremely important factor in successful API management. For code, he develops in a way that meets business objectives and makes certain that the code meets the defined use cases.

I really like the people and the culture here at Envisionit. I have worked in a number of different companies large and small in my career, and this is one of the coolest and fun places I’ve worked. You can tell the culture here really matters. I really like my team as well.’

Data-Driven Developer

With a Bachelor’s degree in MIS and a Master’s in Management from UCF College of Business, Gerad has an extensive list of experience. He kick-started his career as a Systems Engineer at Convergys Corporation where he helped implement WLNP for Sprint – the feature that allows you to take your phone number with you when you change carriers. From there, Gerad worked his way up from Systems Analyst to Senior Technology Manager at Aon Hewitt. As Senior Technology Manager, he oversaw and promised quality service delivery for more than 250 clients for a portfolio of 10 products. 

The list goes on: Gerad was VP of Engineering at ZipDigz, Principal Engineer at Lurn Inc., and Director Of Web Development at Renters Warehouse – from which he had a successful exit. He has finally landed here at Envisionit, and we couldn’t be happier to have him. His experience in the field makes him the perfect addition to not only our tech team but our culture overall.

5 Fun Facts About Gerad

At Envisionit, we love getting to know our people beyond their incredible work. Here are five fun facts about Gerad:

  1. Three things I can’t live without areMy family, my laptop, and our annual passes to Disney.
  2. The fictional character most like me isWayne Zalinksy (the dad from honey I shrunk the kids!)
  3. What are your three favorite movies? The Goonies, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future
  4. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?Steak sandwich (Pan con bistec) and sweet potato fries
  5. Fill in the blank: I’m really good atPoker and I guess now Heardle! At least I can win something in Poker.

Welcome to the team, Gerad!

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