The Dow is down. Delivery services are up. We could list more “downs” than “ups” for sure right now, but we all know that within crisis lies opportunity.

Much of the opportunity that the coronavirus crisis presents is the chance to understand our interconnectedness and our social dependency as human beings. There are plenty of people writing quite eloquently about that right now. I’m reading a lot of Medium posts that are doing a nice job, and I personally thank these authors!

From a demand perspective, we know some products and services are more valuable at this time. So Envisionit and our clients are tasked with determining how we respond to this opportunity ethically. How do we meet the needs of consumers without capitalizing on their insecurities in a way that does more damage than good?

Some of our clients are using this moment in history to use their marketing efforts to support their goals and do some good. Here are a few we’d like to highlight.

Helping the restaurant industry safely serve

The National Restaurant Association Training & Certification organization is our client. We are responsible for the digital marketing of their ServSafe training and certification courses. Obviously, the restaurant industry has been profoundly affected by this pandemic. As part of their response, ServSafe quickly created on-demand videos for the food industry. The videos specifically were designed to guide restaurants on safe food handling practices as they adapt and shift toward a new take out and delivery-only model during the coronavirus outbreak.

“The NRA has provided $10M of free training to the restaurant and hospitality industry. In a matter of weeks we have trained more than 525,000 industry professionals including career development for furloughed workers.” – Andy Winston Director of Product Development

In addition, the National Restaurant Association is continuing an even greater push for providing support and advocacy for the restaurant industry and their workers during this time. These ethical responses to a crisis situation shows their ability to adapt to the industry and provide important resources that help restaurants large and small safely serve their customers. Being able to continue to do business safely is of the utmost importance for the restaurant industry right now, and we are proud to partner with an association that makes such work possible.


Continuing their commitment to vein health

As a response to shelter in place orders, some clients have pivoted their offering and continued to demonstrate value. For example, Vein Clinics of America (VCA) is offering teleconsulting to prospective patients in lieu of being able to visit one of their clinics. This offering has expanded to all 60+ VCA locations across the country. As a result, those suffering from the effects of vein disease can ensure they’re getting the proper medical advice and learn about vein treatment options from the safety and convenience of their own home.

VCA homepage masthead

Other brands doing their part

There are so many good examples in the marketplace of people providing value in this time of crisis. When we solve a problem or meet a need without taking advantage of the crisis situation, we are responding ethically. Check out Ford, who’s lending a hand by offering deferred payments.

Ford Ad
Check out Clorox who’s educating about the virus, how their products disinfect your home, and how to disinfect safely. They break down disinfecting by each of their products to maximize safety in your home.

And then there are the brands that meet moments of crisis with dramatic and impactful acts of leadership designed to Do Good, like our friends at Hormel. They’re recognizing and rewarding their production teams working during this crisis—and pledging to donate $1M to hunger relief causes.

During a time when it can be very easy to focus on the negative, many brands are doing their part to help consumers and insert positivity into the marketplace while maintaining their brand integrity. It’s very refreshing to see, and gives us hope that when all of this is over, our clients and partners will come back stronger than ever.

Keep on keepin’ on everyone. We got this.

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