These days, most business leaders recognize the importance of employee engagement, but many don’t know where or how to get started.

Engagement Multiplier, a technology platform that offers a proven framework to help companies to engage their teams to grow their businesses, needed a new website to better connect them to small business owners. And with such a competitive technology market, we had our work cut out for us.

Evolve and simplify

Rebranding wasn’t part of the project brief, but we felt that the product could use some updates to feel at home in the tech space and bring the new key messaging to light. We wanted the new website to feel contemporary, yet approachable…easy right? To do this, we simplified the overall brand aesthetic, evolved the color palette, and introduced a custom icon library to bring some personality to the brand.

Clean looking mobile design and ctas

We have the technology. Here’s what you can do with it.

Engagement Multiplier has 17 and counting unique features to help businesses measure and improve their employee engagement.

Instead of listing these and letting users connect the dots, we did the heavy lifting and worked with the product team to highlight the tangible benefits of each feature. With headlines that are quick-hitting and action-driven, business owners can easily see how their companies can use the platform to make their businesses more productive, more profitable, and easier to run.

Let’s break it down

Dashboard interfaces can get pretty overwhelming. There are so many actions in one place, it’s hard for a user to understand a new technology without breaking it down first. Which is exactly what we did for the website visuals. By focusing on the most important, high-level interface details we made it a lot easier for new users to understand the capability of each feature.

The ever-present CTA

One of the biggest goals for the new website was to increase the number of people signing up for free trials. Knowing this, we used a sticky navigation bar with a prominent “Free trial” button to encourage users to sign up as they explore the website and learn about the platform. If the users are unclear about what a free trial entails, they can visit this page that walks them through the entire process.


Where we are now

Engagement Multiplier hit their October 2019 launch date and we’re already seeing impressive results. They’ve seen a 106% increase in conversions from the free trial alone—and increased conversions and new users. It seems that all the work and thought that we put into the Free Trial CTA strategy paid off!

86% increase in conversion

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