The ask

Diana’s Bananas had relied on tried and true shopper marketing for nearly 20 years. And with an eye towards the future of the brand, they wanted to understand how digital could connect with their customers, find new ones, and most importantly, increase sales. So they asked us to test how their markets and customers would respond to a strategic investment in digital.

The outcome

We launched our first digital campaign in the beginning of 2020 to huge success. Our paid social ads saw a 46% view-through rate. And our display ads had an 85% click-through rate. Since the first campaign was a regional test, and the results were well beyond what we expected, we launched a national campaign the next month.

click-through rate / view-through rate over forecast
lift in volume
sales lift in just the first month
Dianas ads

How we got there

With the new Fresh Frozen campaign, we wanted to appeal to our targets with products shot in a style reminiscent of customers’ favorite influencers. So we had to do a quick photoshoot with live products to make our ads look and feel the right way. And to grab attention in our customers’ feeds, we made motion central to the campaign.

Dianas example ads

Bringing out Diana’s story

Our brand ads touched on the unique story of Diana’s Bananas—bananas picked fresh, frozen immediately, and dipped in the best chocolate. And we created assets and ads for all types of products. We built on brand recognition by cueing into the colors and singling out specific attributes for each product.

Dianas creative examples

A whole bunch of results

Our campaign initially piloted in the southwest and geo-targeted Publix and Sprouts stores specifically because of Diana’s Bananas existing relationship with them. And the results were phenomenal. We were quite a bit above industry standards, and the following month we rolled out the national campaign. And now? We’re working on the future of the brand with an eye towards even more products.

Dianas grid of ads

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