The ask

After years of cholesterol misinformation dramatically impacting egg consumption, the American Egg Board needed to evolve how they engaged an array of audiences. From key influencer targets of mothers and educators to B2B audiences spanning suppliers, grocers, hospitality, educational institutions, medical professionals, and government regulators, they had their work cut out for them. But emerging digital channels provided new opportunities for shifting strategy. The organization needed a partner to navigate the landscape and deliver results. So they came to us.

The outcome

We made web experiences, recipe tools, interactive games, influencer campaigns, social programs, digital shopper promotion, and more. For more than four years, Envisionit fostered a period of exponential growth as the American Egg Board’s digital AOR. From strategy to execution, we partnered with the organization’s other agencies to bring cross-channel programs to life, shifting consumer sentiment and dramatically improving egg consumption.

per capita increase in egg consumption
lift in consumer sentiment egg health perception
increase in social following
American Egg Board farmer

How we got there

With so many internal stakeholders, efficient communication vehicles for engagement were critical. On the consumer front, we tackled the cholesterol challenges head-on by identifying target segments to build our case—beginning with some education for expectant mothers. Meanwhile, we developed interactive platforms to promote the organization’s core values and encourage consumption with recipes. These efforts, combined with building a base of support on the foodservice and legislative fronts, began to turn the tide and opened the door to direct promotion.

American Egg Board project grid

Rollin’ out of the gate

Easter is a big deal for the egg. To capitalize on the positive sentiment, we launched the organization’s first Interactive Easter Egg Designer. In just 72 hours, we collected consumer data and email addresses for over 100,000 users. And launching in conjunction with the White House Annual Easter Egg Roll, this initiative drove over 500,000 interactions in its first 2 weeks alone.

American Egg Board Obama

Leveraging influence

Influencer programs and strategic partnerships played huge parts in our programs. Whether they were celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray or more everyday “incredible people” (cup stacking champion Luke Meyers), we developed interactive experiences to connect consumers to the way these influencers used and valued eggs. We saw some big performance from partnerships with organizations like Feeding America and Scholastic, which connected our audience to the positive impact egg farmers have on society.

The Eggboard

Good Eggs to the rescue

One of our greatest program successes came in response to threat. Wrongly under attack from PETA and misdirected legislators, the Good Egg Project brought awareness to the positive influence of the egg farmers. Educational material, video testimonials, and interactive activities told the tale of American farmers and the egg’s journey from farm to table. Driven by an integrated mix and engaged through recipes, tips and additional promotions, the campaign acquired 40,000 new followers in just 24 hours. To date, almost 50,000,000 eggs have been donated to Feeding America.

The Good Egg Project

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