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Vein Clinics of America, a leader in providing vein disease treatment and patient care, had recently refreshed their visual and verbal identity guidelines and they saw an opportunity to update their site to match. But the new site had another goal: a more direct path to conversion. They knew that the initial hurdle of setting up the first appointment was something a new site should address. Vein Clinics reached out to Envisionit for help getting the new site off the ground.

Healthy Lifestyle with Vein Clinics

The approach

Making national local

While the goals may seem a little disparate — a streamlined conversion path and a new look and feel — we knew that they needed to work in tandem to get the best results. Aiming for a balance of persistent calls to action, sensitivity around health concerns and privacy, and a strong lead generation pipeline, we gathered our data and developed a plan: refocusing on locations and physicians to build local search equity.

Vein Clinics Website Digital Experience

The data on decisions

Our search data told us that an overwhelming number of site visitors were searching for information about cost and insurance on the go. So we shifted the focus of the content to help those users find what they needed quickly — pushing them further down the path to conversion.

Sensitivity to the struggle

Vein Clinics knew that one of their hurdles was approaching the topic of treatment with empathy. And that can be difficult when the goal is conversion. We took a look at the calls to action and came up with a plan to connect them to the story in a meaningful and compassionate way.

Some local flavor

With more than 60 clinics in 14 states, Vein Clinics had the opportunity for some strong local SEO visibility. But the site needed some drastic changes to fully take advantage of the strong search potential.

VCA Background Image Testimonial

It is always our goal to develop a roadmap for our clients that achieves their business needs and sets the foundation for years to come. With the redesigned site and a clear path to booking consultations, we have seen great success and are now thinking about two years down the road for VCA.

Account DirectorEnvisionit

The work

The missing link

The refreshed verbal and visual brand provided us an opportunity to closely connect conversions to the narrative. And we were able to amp up the local targeting for each clinic. Vein Clinics of America had a new look, a new tone, and a new strategy.

Vein Clinics of America Lead Generation

A new story

Armed with data that showed potential patients wanted cost and insurance info, we highlighted these topics in navigation and made it super simple to reach out directly to Vein Clinics of America. CTAS were now contextually relevant to those searches and a part of the larger Vein Clinics story.

Vein Clinics Digital Experience

Emphasizing local over national

Local clinic information was moved out from the deep and into the forefront. Individual pages for each clinic and each physician — with relevant accreditation, location and more — were moved higher up in the site architecture for easier access and improved organic search result.

Vein Clinics Find a Clinic Location
Vein Clinics of America Results

The results

No work done in vein

All of the behind the scenes work we did with Vein Clinics of America helped get them the visibility they needed — and it helped with those conversions, too. SEO rankings shot way up, and conversions saw some huge improvements, too. A smoother pipeline, a fully-realized story and more search equity provided patients an easier way to get over that initial hurdle and get happy and healthy at Vein Clinics of America.

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increase in organic conversion
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