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Putting ISACA on the map

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Charting a new path

ISACA is a global non-profit association that represents a broad range of IT governance, security, audit and assurance professionals. Their aim is to help develop and adopt standards, systems, and best practices for IT across the globe. And their favored method is on-site, in-person conferences. Putting the event on is one thing, but getting people there, and keeping them excited for the next one, is an entirely different challenge. So they asked Envisionit to help them build some hype, and create some memorable experiences for their events.

The approach

Event marketing cartography

For the Computer Audit, Control and Security conference (CACS for those in the know) in Europe and North America, ISACA wanted an exciting and engaging digital experience that could spur some event registrations and get folks familiar with the locations: Edinburgh, and our own backyard, Chicago. We came up with a solution that would hit all of those needs — an interactive map with some event video.

Pointing them in the right direction

We wanted to welcome attendees to both Edinburgh and Chicago ahead of time, and let them know where they’re staying, what’s around, and how to get to the conference. Our stylized map had motion, easy-to-access information, and of course, a simple way to register.

Hype is this way

To get attendees excited for the event, we created a hype reel. To get attendees ready for the sessions, we created an exciting countdown video. And to get attendees to look back at the weekend, we planned to shoot and edit a conference recap video on site during the weekend.

Mapping out the future

With an eye toward the future, ISACA asked us to come up with some other ideas for an interactive experience to promote conferences. And we took it to the next level.


“It’s always exciting when we get the opportunity to work with a client who wants to do something a little outside the box to surprise and delight their audience. The team gets really energized by being challenged both creatively and technically and coupled with our passion for introducing people to new destinations and experiences, this project couldn’t have been a more exciting opportunity. ”

Brian Ryback Brian RybackManager, Digital Solutions, Envisionit

The work

Digital explorations

We got right to work establishing the look and feel of the maps and videos. We knew that this IT-heavy audience would love a good digital experience, so we made sure it was captivating and gave them some good tips on attending the conference — whether they were going to Edinburgh, Chicago, or a future conference.

An iconic look

The CACS conference has some strong brand elements, and we were able to work them into the design of both the maps and the videos. And we picked locations, activities, restaurants that would fit our IT audience perfectly.

Planning the next adventure

For future conferences, we brainstormed some ideas to make the experiences go viral and came up with several different competitive games. Attendees could test their knowledge and challenge their colleagues.


“The Envisionit team created interactive maps of Chicago and Edinburgh that were not only very well designed, but also addictingly engaging. We compared the average time a user spent on an ISACA webpage to the average time a user spent on the interactive map, and the time spent on the interactive map was exponentially higher.”

Tim TrsarMarketing Manager, ISACA

The results

The scenic route

ISACA was able to offer their attendees some extra motivation to register. We helped them take some simple information and make it an exciting experience and gave them something beyond the unique education opportunities and networking events to look forward to. And for the next few conferences, we whipped up a few new experiences that gels perfectly with their audiences: Shape Invaders, a retro video game themed IT quiz, and CodeBreakers, a mysterious heist-word jumble mash up with a competitive twist.