You may have noticed in the last year or so that information security has not left the national headlines — and it won’t anytime soon. That prominence is what lead one of our clients, ISACA (the Information Systems Audit and Control Association) to seek our help in getting potential attendees and their membership excited for their annual Computer Audit, Control and Security (CACS) conferences in Europe and North America.

ISACA is the global leader in training, education and certification for information systems, technology and business professionals, and each year the CACS conferences attract the best and brightest with content-rich and thought-provoking sessions that delve into some of the biggest challenges facing IT audit and security professionals.

This year the conferences will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, and right here in our own backyard in Chicago, Illinois. Since we’re world-renowned Chicago experts, and some of our more well-traveled colleagues speak glowingly of Edinburgh, ISACA wanted us to help design a web-based means of educating attendees about all of the attractions each host city has to offer as well as to drive registrations and attendance for both conferences.

With that in mind, our team set about designing and animating interactive maps that would let attendees virtually touring each city’s key attractions, while learning more about the conference location, potential lodgings, and means of getting around:

We’re very excited with how each experience turned out and our team is delighted to be attending North America CACS here in Chicago. Since launching, both maps have been part of two of ISACA’s most successful email campaigns, and have garnered heavy engagement from their membership, averaging almost 3 ½ minutes of use per map.

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