Munsters in the office

A lot happened in 1964. Richard Petty won the Daytona 500, John Glenn resigned from NASA, and the entire world was introduced to The MunstersIn the very first episode, “Munster Masquerade,” we found our lovable group of dead suburbanites enjoying a Halloween party. Their festive costumes hid their ghoulish features for a night of dancing and spiked apple cider. Herman Munster was dressed as King Authur and ended up winning the costume contest. When Herman took off his helmet to accept his award, some jerk in the crowd made a comment about how Herman wore a costume under his costume. Herman was devastated.

I found myself feeling a lot like Herman during Envisionit’s Halloween celebration. On the outside I was dressed up like a penguin, but underneath my costume was another costume: a terrified project manager because our COO was dressed like a fly and was really into character. He stood on his desk wielding his fly swatter, he put fake flies in drinks, and he did it while “buzzing” around the office. His office is right by my desk and I had to deal with this for most of the day.


This year’s agency Halloween costume contest

Envisionit had three categories for Halloween excellence: best individual costume, best group costume, and best pod/office decoration. In her first ever Envisionit Halloween, our Office Manager, Marie, took home first prize in the individual costume contest with her take on everyone’s favorite canned tomato:

The group contest was a tough one this year. We had three iconic groups to pick from: Wayne’s World, Nirvana, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. After just missing the top prize for the group costume in 2018, the trio of Chris, Kelsey, and Adam took home gold this year as Ferris Bueller, Sloane Peterson, and Cameron Frye.

Best pod/office was never really a competition. Beyond the fly costume, David’s office set up included a light show, 30 fake rats, and 300 fake (allegedly) flies. 

We had over 25 entries for the costume contest this year which made the judging very tough. Take a look at some of the other great costumes:

Lastly, here is a gif of me in a penguin suit. I had to get lunch alone dressed like this. No one else in our building was dressed up and I felt very foolish!


This recaps Envisionit’s 2019 Halloween costume winners this year. I’ll speak for the rest of us by saying…. 

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