What did you do last Monday at the office—have a case of the Mondays, did ya? Well, come the strike of 3:15pm, our Monday felt like Soldier Field in 1985 (inserts the glorious view of Soldier Field we have cough cough).  Sure, the Bears just got shut out for the first time in 13 years, but that can’t stop, won’t stop the now-annual in-office tailgate party we just unveiled this football season!

Did we have all the college fight songs blaring in our Ideation Lounge?  Yep.

Do most of us dream that it would be ok to eat hot dogs, wings, and ribs every day at the office?  Absolutely.

Do we all share some of the craziest tailgating stories from the past? Obviously.

Some were sporting their Big 10 team hoodies. Some came for the beer pong or cornhole. Others stayed late to finish Rudy. But everyone came for a nice change of pace.

Hello fall, and goodbye Chicago summer-in-the-city. See you next year! All in all, the entire team was victorious (per usual)!

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