From payments to Web 3, The U.S. Fintech Symposium delivers the latest fintech trends plus networking events for decision-makers

Events are back! And Envisionit is extremely proud to be an official Marketing Partner of The U.S. Fintech Symposium in Orlando May 3-4. This show is dedicated to the growing trends in the fintech industry: Web3, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), compliance and many other topics will be tackled. The list of speakers is top notch. With the agenda finalized, we wanted to share a few of the sessions that caught our eye.

Fintech CEO Panel Discussion

About the session: Right off the bat, attendees will be treated to real-time insight from four leading fintech CEOs. How did they grow and scale their business? How did a capital raise play a part? With the ever-present need to accelerate growth being top of mind for any fintech, this panel is sure to be full of great information. 

What excites us: We love how Branch in particular has empowered workers by providing faster access to their wages, and having a front-row seat to hear about their growth is an ideal way to kick off the event. Especially since Atif Siddiqi both founded the company and operates as CEO. Maybe we’re also partial to another company from the Midwest… :)

How Web3 will either Accelerate or Disrupt Traditional Financial Services Business

About the session: This should be one of the more well-attended sessions as most companies are still trying to crack the code on what Web3 can do for them.

What excites us: Credit card and financial services companies are always looking for innovative ways to increase depth of wallet throughout their client base. It should be interesting to hear how a big, well-known company such as Mastercard is approaching crypto and other digital assets, and how those products will be eventually marketed to the consumer.

The State of Payments Panel Discussion

About the session: The fintech industry has exploded and contains several different categories within the industry. But payments is one of the OGs, and as the space gets more and more crowded, new challenges arise. Being “frictionless” and having an “omnichannel” approach is now table stakes. What other levers are payments companies pulling to differentiate themselves? 

What excites us: The variety of companies on the panel. We have a renowned bank, an industry leader, and a growth stage company quickly scaling. Hearing how each of them are incorporating some of the growing fintech trends into their platform will be invaluable. How are they approaching Web3? Are they entering the Buy Now Pay Later arena?

The Growth and Adoption of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

About the session: If crypto is the most popular buzz term in fintech right now, Buy Now Pay Later probably isn’t far behind. The rapid growth of BNPL has dominated the conversation as conferences started coming back online and it’s great to see that educational sessions are being devoted to the topic.

What excites us: The fintech industry has several missions but one of our personal favorites is the democratization of finance: leveraging technology and smart partnerships to offer paths to financial independence for the underbanked. BNPL is a perfect example of an ideal that, if executed properly, can truly advance a massive section of our population. We can’t wait to hear from a key voice and advisor in the space.

Wrap Up

Which sessions at The U.S. Fintech Symposium piqued your interest? If you’re going to be at the symposium, let us know! 

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