The ask

From humble beginnings on a kitchen table nearly 25 years ago to today’s 250-acre farmstead, Nova Scotia Organics has grown quite a bit. But their website had outlived its usefulness—it couldn’t support where they were, let alone support business in both the US and Canada. The team knew there were digital opportunities to increase efficiency and streamline backend systems, all while telling an emotional story that could bring in more qualified traffic.

The outcome

We launched an evolved Magento ecommerce experience, which fully integrated into their Sage inventory management (ERP) software, and incorporated a newly developed brand strategy. The enhanced catalog and content experience drastically improved the customer’s website journey to drive purchase. Nova Scotia Organics had better SEO, more flexibility, and scalability.

Higher volume of qualified traffic
Reduced manual operating processes
Improved customer journey insight
A deeper brand experience

A fresh approach to conversion

The brand strategy helped us tap into the mindset of Nova Scotia Organics customers—health-conscious champions of organic agriculture and production who are willing to spend time researching top-of-the-line products. We created a digital path to purchase that encouraged discovery and eliminated friction points to conversion.

Nova Scotia Organics products

Greater promotional capabilities

New product discovery and driving increased basket size were significant priorities. Through improved content and promotion management along with new integrated analytics, we gave our client greater control and insight into what was working—and what wasn’t—to optimize their digital efforts.

Nova Scotia Organics tote

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