NMI is a payment solutions provider with ambitious plans. Through its leading-edge technology, merchant management solutions, and underwriting/risk management capabilities, the organization is well-positioned to become the full-enablement platform independent sales organizations (ISOs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) audiences need to truly empower scale.

But in a category dominated by one-size-fits-all solutions like Stripe and Square, differentiating NMI’s offerings as they entered the previously untapped ISV market represented quite the challenge. By tackling their points of difference head-on, we established a bold new approach for their brand that not only drove exponential engagement and growth within this niche audience—but created a rallying cry for the entire organization.

In the first 90 days, our Be Solid campaign drove the following results:

  • 53% increase in leads during the first 90 days
  • 3x Closed/Won leads in the first 90 days
  • 60% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

In a world of stripes and squares, be solid

To truly stand out from the Stripes and Squares of the world, we knew that we needed to boldly challenge competitors by showcasing their limitations against NMI’s superior advantages—like monetization, solid integrations, scalability, and potential to white label. Hence, our Be Solid campaign was born.

And getting our ISV audience’s attention wasn’t enough, so we implemented an integrated strategy across creative, UX, media, and SEO to create a clearer, more optimized path to conversion.

Our initial goals centered around establishing performance baselines as well as gaining a strong understanding of what media channels, placements, and messaging resonate with specific audiences across the funnel. Using a strategic mix of 1:1, LAL, behavioral & audience-based targeting, we cast the widest net possible amongst our ISV target across programmatic, paid social (Meta, LinkedIn, and Reddit), and search, while isolating our best performing targeting tactics across a prospect’s journey. We also included quickly executable thought leadership via top-of-funnel placements to prime the pump for mid and bottom-funnel efforts.

Motion plays a big role within the campaign, taking a graphic approach and making the ISV audience the hero of the ads. Specific messaging is tailored to Owners, Founders, C-Suite, and VPs to address their specific pain points and barriers to entry directly.

Our strategy also included A/B testing landing pages, specifically our freshly designed, concept-led landing pages versus NMI’s website to determine which visually stood out more to prospective ISVs and how the on-page ad copy aligned with their mindsets.

“Within months the team launched integrated campaigns that have created benchmark performance that can be directly attributed to our aggressive sales targets. The Envisionit team, with their talent and performance, make them a true partner for the NMI team.”

-Omar Albertelli
Director of Revenue Growth, NMI

Bringing solid leads home

In our next blog post, we’ll delve deeper into our media strategy and optimization efforts as we’ve continued to run our campaign, driving solid leads for NMI.

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