From AI and CX to attribution and the CMO, these are the sessions we recommend you attend

Money20/20: It’s the Super Bowl of fintech events.

The glitz, the glamour, the party, the other party, the other other party, and the after parties. With a value-packed agenda of sessions each day of the event, it takes sheer art and science to create your personal schedule and get the most out of your time at Money20/20 in Vegas.

Luckily, Team Envisionit is returning for our fifth round at the show, and as fintech marketers ourselves, we hand-picked the marketing sessions we’re most excited about (so you should be, too).

Whether you’re attending Money20/20 USA this year or not, you’ll want to learn which presentations Envisionit’s Director of Digital Solutions, Brian Ryback, is looking forward to most…and why.

To hear Brian discuss each of these sessions in more detail, tap here to listen to the latest episode of “The Fintech Marketing Strategy Hour” podcast–also available on Spotify and Amazon Music.

The Fintech Marketing Excellence Summit

Date: Sunday, Oct. 23
Time: 9:30AM
Link to session

Now that you’ve heard about the sweet bonuses you shouldn’t miss out on, let’s talk sessions you don’t want to miss at Money20/20 this year. We know we’re preaching to the choir when it comes to how integral marketing is to the success and growth of a fintech business. It’s great to see Money20/20 giving that recognition, especially in the form of a marketing-specific session. Envisionit has a nice crew going to the event, and a few of us are headed out early so we don’t miss this Sunday morning session.

The four tracks of this session include:

  1. “How Financial Service Brands Win with Marketing” (9:30AM)
  2. “Leveraging AI in Digital-First Marketing” (10:00AM)
  3. “It’s Time to Turn Your Customers into Shareholders” (11:10AM)
  4. “Customer Experience, The Ultimate Marketing Tool” (11:50AM)

Marketing Effectiveness AMA

Date: Monday, Oct. 24
Time: 11:30AM
Link to session

When we read the description of this, we felt all warm and fuzzy inside. This session speaks to us because it’s all about ensuring that your marketing investment is effective.

Having an attribution and reporting framework in place so you know what’s working (and as importantly: what’s not), your audience segmentation, and standing out in a crowded market.

This session will help you check off a series of crucial boxes when measuring the impact of your efforts.

The Evolution of the CMO

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 25
Time: 3:00PM
Link to session

While this session is all about the ever-changing Chief Marketing Officer role and the many accountabilities that come with the territory, one thing that stands out to us is how loyalty and retention have been added to the To-Do List of marketing aspects the CMO is expected to control.

Well, we couldn’t agree more. As touched on in a previous blog and podcast, this addition is likely due to the fact that many fintechs rely on customer transactions or assets under management as their revenue mode.

Just signing up for an app or platform was never good enough in fintech. We can’t just bring in wins to the business, we need to bring in the wins that are going to lead to long-term, high-value customers. And that starts with smart audience segmentation, and carries through to your paid, organic, and creative strategies and tactics.

We are really excited to check this one out to hear how other marketers are solving this problem–and how CMO’s are leading the charge.

What’s on your Money20/20 schedule?

While these are the marketing sessions we recommend you don’t miss, there are dozens of other speakers presenting on ground-breaking and industry-shifting topics that you should also check out.

We want to hear from you: Which presentations are on your must-attend list this year? Let us know in the review section of this Money20/20 podcast episode.

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