As an agency, growth is in our DNA, so when we come across a company on the verge like Red Frog Events, we jump at the opportunity.

Red Frog Events is an award-winning, Chicago-based company that produces year-round events in 25+ markets across the nation. These gatherings boast incredibly high turnout rates and create tons of buzz. Red Frog Events is well established in its industry, and its success has only spurred continuing growth.

The company that created the likes of Firefly Music Festival and Chicago Beer Classic was looking for an agency to help increase awareness and excitement surrounding one of its cornerstone events, Warrior Dash. When the good folks at Red Frog Events learned about our agency, the decision to work together was a no-brainer.

Red Frog Events’ Warrior Dash is a 5k obstacle course race that attracts thousands of participants to each location; what makes it different is the awesome festival at the finish line, making the race as much about fun as it is about fitness. Our agency’s previous and current work with Entertainment Cruises, Chicagoland Speedway and Pro Football Hall of Fame proved our track record in the entertainment, sports and event marketing space and demonstrated the value we could offer Red Frog Events.

More importantly, our cultural fit could not be better. Our agency and Red Frog Events understand the importance of cultivating enjoyable experiences, both internally and for our customers. This shared approach is just another reason why we’re so excited to work with Red Frog Events.

We look forward to forging our partnership with Red Frog Events and spreading the word about the spectacular experiences they create.

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