Envisionit launches the “Fintech Marketing Strategy Hour” podcast. Audio content dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of marketers in financial technology.

In case you haven’t heard (pun intended) we launched a fintech marketing podcast!

TheFintech Marketing Strategy Hour podcast is your go-to source for all things digital marketing, media and content designed for financial technology businesses specifically. From performance driving tactics to macro level mega moves, this audio experience speaks your language and guides you through the complexities you face (at lightning-speed pace) as a fintech marketer. 

Fintech Marketing Topics and Categories

Whether you’re into digital payments, crypto, alt lending, venture capital or private equity (VC/PE), banking software, or simply want to learn more about marketing for blockchain, NFTs or Web 3 – this is the fintech podcast for you. 

Looking to acquire a business, get acquired, or even IPO? The Fintech Marketing Strategy Hour podcast shares marketing strategies that not only help increase market share but also set you up for valuation. 

Podcast Guests: Experts in Fintech Marketing

Featured guests are all real-time subject matter experts, spanning across demand gen, lead gen, paid search & social, SEO, creative, technology, digital solutions and many more fields in performance marketing. Tune in to learn how to turn your complex challenges into transacting customers.

Find the Fintech Marketing Strategy Hour on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music.

Check out these 3 hot episodes:

  1. Episode 2: Fintech Buyer Personas: Mistakes to Avoid (based on this article about fintech ICPs)
  2. Episode 3:Maximize Your Fintech Marketing Investment with a Customer Mindset Strategy (based on this post all about mindset marketing)
  3. Episode 4:Demand Generation Must Be More than a Side Project (based on this POV about what demand gen is not)

Now Accepting Requests

Have an idea for a topic to be discussed on the podcast? Let us know! Leave a rating and review with your feedback and suggestion.

Tune in today to start generating effective ideas for your role in fintech marketing!

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