YouTube Rewind 2010: Year in Review

YouTube Rewind 2010: Year in Review

I thought for my last post of the year I’d give you something fun to read. After all, I know you’re all getting holiday-antsy. Yep, we are too. Multiple cookie breaks throughout the day, quick MI Ave runs during lunch, a YouTube video or two to end the day…so here’s something fun for you to take a look at. And if you get caught watching videos at work, I’ve provided some educational tips to YouTube Search as well ;)

This week, YouTube announced their top videos of the year. You may have seen some of these, and some may be new to you. Either way, check it out. My all-time fave is still David After Dentist but I think that’s a few years old….

Now for the educational part…
If you still don’t think video is an integral part of a marketing mix as we begin 2011, you are mistaken! During 2010, over 700 billion YouTube videos were viewed. 700 BILLION! People are watching video, folks, and  if there is any opportunity to add video to your website as well as to YouTube, DO IT. In fact, since YouTube is the second largest search engine right now, and it does have its own algorithm for ranking videos, you should also do the following:

  • Create a customized channel with your company name and look and feel to be consistent to your site or other marketing materials – but give it a kick! Have fun!
  • Upload all your videos first and use the Embed functionality to showcase them on your site. This allows YouTube, not your website, to host the video (less bandwidth and hosting expense for you) as well as the ability to have more people view them – one important ranking feature that is part of the algorithm
  • Yes, there is SEO involved – Tag your videos with the phrases that are relevant to the video and your business and both in the YouTube channel and in your site’s meta data to allow it to be found in search results
  • Like I said before, Have Fun! Get creative! Even B2B companies can create interesting videos on product demos and training – remember, our attention spans are pretty low, we need to be kept entertained or interested!
  • If you need help, contact an professional. You know, like us!  (had to get an EIM plug in here :) )

Enjoy watching these videos, don’t get in trouble, and Happy Holidays~ oh and stay tuned for some end of year recaps and 2011 Trends coming in the next couple weeks from our web marketing team!


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