Posts from // July 2012

Calling all SEO Managers – We are hiring!

Agency seeking SEO Manager – We’re looking for a hard-working, fun-loving marketer to jump on the bandwagon of a quickly growing independent digital agency. We’ve built a culture centered on the idea that the best people will always produce the best results. We meet with clients on “the porch”, instead of a boardroom. We brainstorm in “the den” and we take calculated risks at “the card table.” We are obsessive about collaborating, and when the dust settles, everyone walks away energized, and proud of what they’ve done today.

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Short & Sweet Guide to Digital Marketing

It’s a holiday week so I thought I’d keep us focused today with a little simplicity. Please enjoy my short, sweet guide to digital marketing: Know your goal Be realistic about your goal Stay true to your goal For a little more guidance, let’s consider an example scenario. Situation: I…

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