Posts from // August 2012

How to Market to Millennials

Hello, my name is Graham, and I’m a Millennial. I’m very unique, and your company is struggling to reach my peers. We’ve never known life without an overabundance of technology, and it shows. We are extremely good at multitasking and are too busy texting one another, tweeting about that new…

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Are Your Website Visitors Really “Bouncing”

Bounce rate is a very common metric to measure engagement on your website. It’s defined as someone who entered your site, saw one page, and then left. Google Analytics has recently released a new “Adjusted Bounce Rate” tracking feature. Does your site or page need this feature? Let’s find out……

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Welcome Ali, our new Office Manager!

We did it! We scored ourselves the office manager to end all office managers. Ali does a little bit of everything and anything: scheduling, account management, traffic control, making sure everyone has what they need to be happy. No small feat. But when you can think on your feet, adapt,…

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