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The times they are a changin.

Ok, I admit it … I was around gleefully watching tv when there were only (gasp) three networks. No that isn’t a typo. Marketers had it so easy then. Write a clever slogan or maybe a catchy jingle. Run a 30 second ad and you could reach 70 percent of the viewing audience. But of course nothing is more constant then change and that applies to marketing as well.

Today consumers are bombarded with advertising messages in a non-stop blitz to get their attention. Add to that the fact that consumers are in complete control of their own media. From Tivo to iPhones and everything in between.

In order to successfully communicate to your audience today you will need to accept a few things:

  1. Times have changed.
    And guess what … they are never coming back. Get over it. Times change and you have to change your thinking (and marketing) to adapt, or better yet, lead. Period.
  2. People talk.
    And not just neighbors and friends. Everybody. From forums and chat rooms to review sites and beyond. The amount of conversation happening is staggering. There are leaders and followers. One moment can reverberate around the world almost immediately.
  3. Interactive drives business global.
    That includes your competition. Businesses today have unprecedented access to consumers across the globe. Which of course means more competition to you.

So what does this mean to you? What can you do to adapt? In the constant struggle for consumer attention there are certain things that remain constant:

  1. You can’t market to everyone.
    You don’t even want everyone. As one of my marketing heroes Seth Godin says “you want the right someone. The one who cares about what you do. Who’s contribution matters. Who will spread the word”.  Targeting the ones that matter today is more essential then ever. Why waste valuable marketing dollars talking to people that just don’t care? Interactive is by far the most measurable and adaptive media in existence. There are some amazing new ways to find and converse with your targets effectivly. Take advantage of them.
  2. Adapt or die.
    We live in a great time. Whether it be Google Analytics or ClickTale or one of the many other amazing tools at our disposal. Data from how a consumer is interacting with your brand is immediately available to us, sometimes in real time. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to adapt to their needs and create value.

Driving action for a brand requires understanding today’s communication portals, leveraging peoples tendencies to “talk” and being ready to adapt to change in a blink of an eye. It is the companies that master this art & science that see growth today and are effective at reaching their target market.