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What to Write About: 25 Blog Post Ideas for Your Business


BlogPostIdeasforBusinessI know, I know. You’ve heard it a thousand times: “you should blog!” Yet somehow you still have NO clue what to write about nor do you ever seem to find the time (let alone the desire) to get started.   Believe me, I understand.  We hear it all the time and it’s a common problem.  Let us give you an edge with some fresh new ideas.  No more excuses!

25 things you can write about on your company blog

  1. Feature your customers via real pictures, quotes and stories
  2. Make people laugh with videos – Share a collection of hilarious YouTube videos within a relevant theme.  For example, if you are a retailer trying to drive traffic to your site around the holidays, you could post great “Christmas Gone Wrong” videos.
  3. Pose a question- If you’re looking to engage your audience, this is the way to do it.  Who said you have to know all the answers in order to blog?
  4. Introduce your employees
  5.  Do a photo blog post  – Use an app like GramGrab to make your Instagram and Pinterest photos into content your audience will love.  Remember to give proper photo credit when due if you’re not using your own images.
  6. Give your opinion on industry news – And remember: an opinion that not everyone agrees with is OK. In fact, sometimes it’s a good thing.
  7. Show a visual evolution of your website – Make people smile by using Way Back Machine to take screenshots of your site over time.
  8. Share a personal story – the most viral content on the web is content that people react to emotionally.  Share a struggle, triumph or endearing story that will make any reader want to share it.
  9. Upload a video from your smartphone – When it comes to your blog, an occasional amateur video is acceptable.
  10. Show something for the first time via a “reveal” – Don’t forget to build buzz on social the week before the reveal goes live.
  11. Ask influencers, customers or employees a question via email and paste their answers into a blog post
  12. Turn your products into beautiful content for Pinterest – Our favorite DIY tool for this is PicMonkey.  Warning: it can be addicting! Don’t forget to publish your content on your blog first, then pin it.  This ensures that your images will link back to your website!
  13. Do interviews – Of all the ideas listed, this one may take you the furthest.  Those who are interviewed will likely share your post with their following reaching new audiences who aren’t currently reading your blog.  Great interviews made Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern’s careers, right? They can help you make your blog too!
  14. Create a Series – People love following (and sharing) great stories.  For example, follow a customer from start to finish using your product and what the result was. Use lots of pictures in this one!
  15. Create your own memes  What’s a meme, you ask?  It’s a visual representation of an idea or value that gets shared.  You can create memes using free tools like Pinstamatic or PicMonkey, but the most viral memes are typically created by a graphic designer with careful thought to your brand messaging.  Post your unique memes to your blog first, then pin them to your company’s Pinterest board.
  16. Curate great content from other sources – Who said you had to publish everything from scratch?  Use sites like Reddit, Google Trends and to find out what people are looking for and sharing, then take your own twist.
  17. Give a warning – For example, “3 Indicators It’s Time to ___.”
  18. Do a “link roundup” – For example, “10 Motivational Wellness Blogs.”
  19. Debunk myths
  20. Say hey to your 10 favorite bloggers – Give a brief explanation of why they are your favorite, and link to their website and Twitter handle.  They’ll really appreciate it!
  21. Write a “Quarterly Wrap Up” – Not only does this tactic bring attention to great content that could be lost over time, it doesn’t take that long to write. Wrap up posts also help your readers catch up on content they may have missed. The internal linking is a great SEO perk too!
  22. Make a prediction – For example, what will your industry be like in 10 years?
  23. Answer your customers’ questions into a blog  post – just don’t forget to ask for permission first!
  24. Share powerful quotes
  25. Write a Review – Whether it’s a related product or its something complimentary to your product, people will want to know your opinion!

What other ideas do YOU have?  

Have you tried any of the ideas above at your company? What worked and what didn’t?

Still feeling like you don’t have time to blog?  Let’s talk.