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Everything is Better With Wine: Envisionit’s Wine Cellar Builder Event


A wise woman once said, “Everything is better with wine.” Ok, let’s be honest: that wise woman was me. But I know there are plenty of other wise ones out there with the same idea. Thankfully, I happen to work with some of them. 

Here at Envisionit we work hard to meet the goals and demands of our clients in order to live up to the mantra, “enjoy your agency.” But that mantra goes both for our clients and our staff. So last Friday, we ended the workday with a Wine Cellar Builder event.

The event took place in our Ideation Lounge where delicious bites were aplenty – from fruit and cheeses to charcuterie and pizza. Each participant brought two bottles of the same wine – one to taste and one that would later be given away to the champions at the end of the event. Both bottles of wine were hidden in paper bags and numbered the same. Once all the bottles were collected, hidden, and numbered, the wine tasting began.


We began by opening bottle #1, and small samples were poured for the entire group to taste. We then filled out our scorecards for each sample based on the look, aroma, and taste. Rinse and repeat….26 times…






At the end of the event the results were tallied and our unofficial sommelier announced the first, second, and third place winners. Each winner took home a significant number of the unopened bottles to help them build their own wine cellar.



The event was a ton of fun and 26 bottles of wine served as witnesses to the fact that we really know how to “enjoy our agency”! I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the agency when I say we can’t wait for the next event! A big thank you goes out to everyone involved in planning the event.