Sometimes I get a familiar look from project managers. It’s a bit panicked and certainly caused by my recommendation of video ads for a social strategy. Why? Well because of course this program wasn’t scoped for video!

I invite you to join me in redefining how you understand the term “video ad.” Social ads have no reason to be stuck using the restraints of :30, :60 or even :15 sec spots. I implore you to think beyond simply running your TV ad on social and calling it a day. While, there are certainly use-case scenarios for running those ads “as-is”, at Envisionit, we’ve seen the power of content created with the user and platform in mind from conception to campaign completion.

Benefits of video-based ads

Beyond the fact that digital video ad spend is projected to experience double-digit growth annually through 2020, consider the following benefits of incorporating video into your creative advertising mix.

  • Video allows you to circumnavigate Facebook’s/Instagram’s 20-percent text rule
  • Video is an eye catcher and is more likely to get someone to pause while scrolling through their news feed #thumbstopper
  • Static imagery is no longer the cornerstone of remarketing ads. Re-engage your target audience with video, but remember to keep it short (under :15 sec)
  • Viewers typically watch video ads with the sound off, but you can add creative flair to your closed captions to ensure your ads are visually appealing with or without sound

“Don’t overthink it. Train your brain to let video simply mean motion – even try swapping the terms.”

Activate your motion mindset

Simple executions can be produced without the hours or skillset required to produce traditional video ad formats. The following ads demonstrate the unique variety of content that can be achieved when your motion mindset is activated.

Find some inspiration with these examples

Do something artistic! Creative content registers as more authentic than an overly produced ad.


Cinemagraph: Flixel gives life to still photography


Use simple, almost GIF-like, animation


Keep motion simple to catch the eye


Animate static images with a slider effect


Stop-Motion Animation


Animated loop


Combination of stop-motion with visual effects
A little imagination goes a long way. Whether your goal is reaching new customers or keeping loyal ones engaged, ditch the traditional reformatted-for-social-media TV spot. Motion-based ads have a distinct advantage in capturing your audience’s attention and are more likely to drive your desired actions.

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