Crue and Destination ENV are now Envisionit

At Envisionit, our top priority is ensuring we provide the best possible experience for our clients…. and client experiences come in many forms. They include the physical elements they encounter the moment they step through the front door. The energy they feel after strategizing with their agency team, or the feeling they get when they see the work we’ve done.

It seems simple, but to us, a great client experience first starts with truly knowing your client — who they are, what they do, and why their product is unique. And oftentimes, this means going beyond data and research — it means getting your hands a little dirty. Literally, in the case of Red Frog Events.

As a major player in the event space, Red Frog Events has evolved their cornerstone event Warrior Dash into one of the most popular and highly attended obstacle course races in the country. Warrior Dash provides a race experience for the “everyman and woman,” giving them something different to do with their weekend. The event itself includes 12 world-class obstacles through the woods, water, mud, mud, and more mud — all capped off with a post race celebration that includes beer, music, food, and…more beer.

In order to provide the best client experience possible, our Director of Account Services, Matt Elliott, graciously volunteered (or rather, was volunteered by his team) to participate in Warrior Dash and report back to the team on his experience — assuming he survived. Matt’s training for the event consisted of eating lots of fried food and drinking lots of beer leading up to the race. Something that he suddenly regretted during the course walk-through the day prior.

And since Matt was running, we thought, “Hey, why not strap a GoPro on him and get some killer footage out of it — maybe even make a video promoting the full Warrior Dash experience.”

And that’s exactly what we did. The first-person GoPro video, combined with drone footage and on-the-ground shots using a RED Epic-W in 6k (trust us, it kicks ass), allowed us to put together a promo video for the event that truly represented the full experience — from the ruggedness of the obstacles to the teamwork with friends, and one hell of an after party…all covered in mud, of course.

Envisionit was able to use this video on efforts across marketing channels, both on and offline, and even leverage B-roll footage for social media purposes to stir up some excitement for upcoming Warrior Dash events.

As for Matt, he survived…barely. And to this day, he is still finding mud in places he’d rather not mention.

Oh, and Matt, don’t you worry. We still have those outtakes, buddy.

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